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Ford v Ferrari 2019 123Movies: Full Movie (titled Le Mans ’66 in the UK and other territories)[3] is a 2019 American biographical drama film directed by James Mangold, and written by Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth, and Jason Keller. It stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale, while Jon Bernthal, Caitriona Balfe, Tracy Letts, Josh Lucas, Noah Jupe, Remo Girone, and Ray McKinnon appear in supporting roles.How to Watch “Frozen 2 2019 123Movies” Full Movie Online in HD

Ford V. Ferrari: 10 Movies To Watch With The Cast

Ford v Ferrari is set to premiere in mid-November, 2019. We know you can hardly wait for this biography action drama. Following the story of Carroll Shelby, an American car designer, and driver Ken Miles, these two struggle against corporate battles and physics itself in an attempt to create a better, faster race car for Ford. Taking place in 1966, this is the ultimate race between Ford and Ferrari. If that doesn’t sound riveting enough, this flick has a plethora of brilliant and talented stars behind these dynamic characters.

Ford V. Ferrari: 10 Things We Know From The Trailer

In case you can’t wait for the film, we thought we’d make a list for you to binge including all of the actors from this highly anticipated film. So without further ado, here are 10 of the best films with the cast of Ford v Ferrari.

You can get a double dose in this film with Josh Lucas and Christian Bale. Bale plays Patrick Bateman – a rich NYC investment banking executive by day, murdering psychopathic womanizer by night. We’ve seen this brilliant man transform drastically for roles, but this is one of our all-time favorites.

He’s no dark knight in this film. The cast also includes the lovely Josh Lucas (playing Leo Beebe in Ford v Ferrari), Reese Witherspoon, Jared Leto, Justin Theroux, and Willem Dafoe. This movie is a bit more crime and murder related, but it’s still one of Bale’s best that you can’t miss.

It was really hard to pick Matt Damon’s best films that we think you should watch before this new flick comes out. So, we though we’d pick one of his most recent works.

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He plays an astronaut in this one, and he gets stranded on Mars. Starring alongside Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Sean Bean, and Kristen Wiig, this movie was nominated for seven Oscars. So, we think it’s definitely worth your time, if you haven’t already scene this sci-fi adventure. Or if you have, you might as well re-watch it.

Jon Bernthal will be playing Lee Iacocca in this upcoming film. You might remember this badass man as Griff from the brilliant crime drama, Baby Driver. Ansel Elgort plays Baby, a young getaway driver who is coerced into jobs by a crime boss.

Griff is one of his teammates, and other actors in this incredibly intense and memorable flick include Lily James, Kevin Spacey, and Jamie Foxx. This film has a lot of pretty suspenseful getaway driving, so we thought people who are excited for this race car movie might take an interest. Of course, this movie has quite the criminal twist.

Honestly, we couldn’t quite make a list about Christian Bale’s movies without including this one, right? Bale is our favorite Batman, and we’re not taking any arguments against it.

This film is definitely the best DC has ever offered us, and if there’s some reason (we don’t want to hear it) that you haven’t seen it, please do so before you head to the theater for Ford v Ferrari. Seriously, do you even know who Bale is if you haven’t seen him as Batman? No, you don’t.

We thought we’d let Josh Lucas take another slot on this list, because he’s actually had an important role in a ton of great films. This one is definitely no exception. Starring Russell Crowe, this Ron Howard film tells the true story of John Nash.

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Nash is a brilliant mathematician who is a bit asocial, but he’s also plagued by schizophrenia. This film is mesmerizing, and is truly an incredible tale of mental illness. Josh Lucas plays his right-hand man, and we definitely suggest giving this drama a watch (or re-watch).

As much as we love Matt Damon in just about everything, we’re pretty sure we fall in love with this heartthrob all over again when this film is even mentioned. This was definitely his breakout role into stardom. Saving Private Ryan was released shortly after, and these two films definitely put Damon’s name on everybody’s radar.

With 9 Oscar nominations, this film follows Will Hunting, a janitor at M.I.T. who has an incredible gift for mathematics. However, he’s a bit lost, and he’s set up with a psychologist (Robin Williams) to help him with his anger and his life’s direction. We could watch this film again, again, and again.

Caitriona Balfe will be playing Mollie Miles in the upcoming Ford v Ferrari. Although we know this list is about films, we couldn’t ignore this woman’s most prominent role ever as Claire Randall in the TV series Outlander.

Rather than scratching your head the entire film trying to place her, now you’ll know exactly why you love her. It might be hard to recognize her outside of the 1945, and the war torn era of 1743. So, go binge this show, or if you already have, at least maybe now you’ll know where this wonderfully talented gal is from.

Like Matt Damon, it was incredibly difficult to choose Bale’s best flicks. So, we also went with one his most recent roles. This biography drama tells the story of Dick Cheney’s rise to power to become Vice President to George W. Bush.

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Directed by Adam McKay, this Academy Award nominee has Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, and our leading man, Christian Bale (as Dick Cheney). This is another drastic transformation that Bale took on, and we loved every second of it (and he even received a nomination for this role). We can’t wait to see the role he’s taken on for this new race-car flick.

Ray McKinnon will be playing Phil Remington in Ford v Ferrari. While this versatile and brilliant man has quite a lot of roles to choose from, our favorite will probably always be Coach Cotton from The Blind Side. Sandra Bullock plays a rich, religious mom who takes an impoverished, talented African-American football player under her roof.

Based on the true and inspiring story of Michael Oher, this movie had us laughing and crying from start to finish. It’s also Oscar nominated, and Bullock’s banter with McKinnon’s Coach Cotton is to die for.

We’ll close off this list with another classic Matt Damon film. We don’t think you can get more classic than this crime drama, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, and our main man (and many more!).

The story of an undercover cop and a mole in the police, who are both simultaneously trying to uncover the other while both infiltrating an Irish gang in Boston. This movie will have you on the edge of your seat, and we’re not sure you need to watch any other Damon film to love him to pieces.

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